Everyone of us dreams about to spend our furlough great. We are lustful of a reposal, thrills and relax.
If we are think about to spending holidays by the Sea in Poland we often have a problem with which place to choose from. Mielno is a place for everyone. For sure you will be fascinated of this place because it takes place close to Baltic Sea and there are many attractions. Particularly you will be infatuated by amount and quality of apartamenty mielno which we can stay for a time of our furlough. As that there are many offers of accommodation we are considering which offer from hotel mielno will be the most appropriate for us. In this part I want to introduce very peculiar place, namely “Apartament Mielno Dune”. Perfect location at the very sea shore, big bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms and fully furnished kitchenettes – all this will make you feel like in your own home; you will please your close relations and dip in those moments that will long be memorised.
apartamenty dune is ideal place for a sightseer who desire spend his leave in Poland.

Apartament mielno

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